Athlete Abuse & Molestation Attorneys

If your child has been the victim of coaching or athletic abuse, I can help you. I’m Indiana molestation and abuse lawyer Jonathan Little, and I help coaching abuse victims in cases throughout Indiana and the United States where the victim was sexually abused by a member coach of a National Governing Body, Athletic Association or School.

Experienced Attorney for Sexual Abuse Victims

Attorney Jon Little

Attorney Jonathan Little is currently involved in three lawsuits against USA Swimming. He has a track record of success in holding coaches, their swim clubs and the national governing bodies accountable for their negligence and harm caused to victims.

Jonathan Little and Syed Ali Saeed guarantee their dedication to fighting hard and seeking the best possible outcome, given the applicable law and facts, for every case they take. They will begin investigating your case as soon as they are retained, and they will provide you with knowledgeable legal help to stop the abuser.

Attorney Jonathan Little is at the forefront of protecting athletes. His lawsuits against USA Swimming are among several that led to the United States Olympic Committee taking the unprecedented step of adopting new policies aimed at curbing and eliminating the sexual molestation of young athletes.

There is no charge for your consultation. Abuse and molestation cases are accepted on contingency, meaning our fees will be paid only from money or assets recovered by settlement.

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