Athlete Abuse Information

The profile of the typical sexual predator is a misleading one. Athletic coaches turned sexual predators are quite smart and they start by trying to blend in and gain trust of a victim.

In the athletic arena, coaching is an attractive role as it gives predators immediate access to a victim. Over time predators will cultivate a relationship by using their position of trust and engaging in various tactics to abuse or molest such as threats, guilt, blackmail, gifts and friendship.

“There are strong cultural factors at play here based on trust, devotion, ambition and submission to authority figures,” explains Celia Brackenridge, an internationally recognized author and expert on youth sport and athlete welfare. “The performance culture is not unlike that in a cult or religious environment where the young person — in this case, a swimmer — is prepared to sacrifice, do almost anything to succeed, and feels she has no option but to comply. The medal is the equivalent of salvation and redemption.”

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