Lessons on Sexual Abuse from Penn State’s Sandusky, Paterno, and USA Swimming

There is much to learn from the sexual abuse scandal hitting Penn State and how Coach Joe Paterno and others handled the situation with the Jerry Sandusky allegations. In the USA Swimming cases, in some cases, the same problem came up, as it did with the Catholic abuse cases. Simply put, adults in charge fail to take the complaints seriously and fail to report to law enforcement. The cavalier attitude allows predators to keep abusing children. The law mandates the reporting of such criminal activity.

In a book by Joe Paterno, he writes, “Coaches have the same obligations as all teachers”. “Except that we may have more moral and life-shaping influence over our players than anyone else outside of their families.”

Remember, it all starts with the “grooming” that sexual predator coaches engage in. Sexual predators gain the trust of children and their parents. Then they take advantage.

If you child has been sexually abused by a coach, contact our office for help.