Check Your Coach’s Background – You Might be Surpised

Many parents assume that their child’s coach has a clean criminal abuse and molestation background. A vast majority of coaches are honest and free of a questionable background. However the predator coaches depend on parents and athletic clubs to drop their guard when it comes to checking their background.

As has been reported, there are loopholes in the rules and regulations that govern the amateur athletics in the United States. For example, a coach that may have been banned by USA Gymnastics, the organization responsible for our Olympic team, can end up coaching at a non-USA Gymnastics club. Worse, the suspect coach can promote his club and his services by claiming that his athletes will have the right to participate in sanctioned USA Gymnastics events.

USA Gymnastics has a list of banned coaches, however that list is not easily obtainable nor does it name coaches that voluntarily left to avoid pending claims of abuse and molestation. Those claims will never find their way to a criminal background check and in many cases the coaches will not be listed in a banned list. Organizations hiring coaches must do more. At minimum they must do reference checks as well.

Athlete abuse Attorney Jonathan Little knows that coaching abuse and molestation can occur anywhere. If you are experiencing the emotional pain that comes from your child being victimized by their coach please contact Attorney Jonathan Little today for a free legal consultation. Mr. Little will investigate your claim.