Chris Wheat Victim Receives Kiwanis Abe Lincoln Scholarship

Laura Weiss, Chris Wheat victim

Laura Weiss interviewed by Anne Ryder

Laura Weiss, a sexual abuse victim of former USA Swimming coach Chris Wheat, was honored with a Kiwanis Abe Lincoln Scholarship for the challenges she has overcome and for her dreams of pursuing a degree in nursing or speech pathology. The Indy Star has a story on Weiss’ struggles and outlook going forward. Weiss was a freshman at Lawrence North High School when Christopher Wheat sexually abused her. Christopher Wheat could be free from incarceration this year or next at the latest. He is currently in a halfway house serving a two year sentence that could have him out as early as this year. The Kiwanis Abe Lincoln Scholarship is an annual program that recognizes 25 high school seniors who have faced significant challenges. Attorney Jonathan Little has sued USA Swimming, Indiana Swimming and the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township (Marion County, Indiana Superior Court) for their failure to take action on complaints made about their certified Swim Coach, Christopher Wheat, and for the sexual abuse and assault against a then 14 year old female swimmer that resulted from that inaction.